5 Ways to Securely Recycle Storage Devices

Given the bevy of the devices available today, each with a unique set of features, we tend to change our storage devices just as often as we change our clothes. In the process, however, we leave plenty of these devices idle, and which might be dangerous to the environment. There’s, therefore, the need to recycle some of these media. But how do we go about it? Below are ways you can recycle your storage devices securely.

  1. Use it as a Backup Storage

backup storageAt some point in life, you will need to back up some information, be it old family pictures, business documents, or just music files. An old storage device can, therefore, come in handy. Besides, you will have reduced the expenses of having to look for an alternative backup option.

  1. Recycle Individual Parts

Different storage devices will have different capacity components. For example, a hard disk has aluminum parts alongside other components. The average hard drive will have half a pound of recyclable aluminum that can thus be taken to an aluminum recycling center for reuse.

  1. Check for Recycling Bonuses

Currently, almost all electronic manufacturers have a recycling bonus. Some companies will even reward you when you recycle their electronic devices. As such, check with the local electronics retailers to see what their offers are and what you can do about it. You could even be surprised to get a favorable offer.

  1. Donate to Charity Organization

computer-recyclingThere are plenty of organizations that are willing to recycle that old storage device for you. Most of which repair these devices then donate them to willing countries for other uses. However, be sure to check their licensing as some may fix them and try to retrieve your information for criminal purposes. Also, make sure to wipe the device clean before donating.

  1. Use it as Surveillance Storage Device

Another great reuse of an old storage medium is as a surveillance storage device. There will be no need to buy a new storage device if yours is repairable. All you will have to do is fix it, then reuse. You will have also cut down on the installation costs.

It is unethical for individuals and business owners to remain ignorant of the need for responsible disposal of their IT assets. With the current growing concerns over e-waste, it is vital that we recycle most of these gadgets for the benefit of us all. With this guide, however, you should be able to recycle your storage devices safely.