Technology that goes into Halloween Horror Nights

It’s a no-brainer that every horror movie enthusiast would want to watch a movie that scares them to death. However, a majority of the things we see when watching horror movies during Halloween nights aren’t actually performed during the movies’ production, rather produced courtesy of the available technology. Therefore, in this article, we’ll discuss the technology that goes into Halloween horror night’s movies and what they serve to achieve.

First, before the horror movie’s release, the producers undertake the testing of the movie to ensure it elicits the required scary emotions. They achieve this by employing the mind scanning technology known as fMRI – functional magnetic resonance imager. It is a technology that heavily relies on people’s neural responses. This technology assesses the impact each section of the movie has to the audience, in real time. During these assessments, the fMRI reads the viewers mind and tries to establish if there are brain activities going on especially on the amygdale area, and Brodmann’s area 10 – sections responsible for fear. If these areas brightly light up, it’s an indication that the viewer is very frightened of the occurrences in the movie. If otherwise, the movie editors can edit the film to make it scarier.

The movie also employs the lighting technology to produce scary images and is ideal for use on scenes involving trees, faces, stairs, or walls. The lighting technology technique involves light pointing upwards towards the subject of interest. The color gels are then added to create the effect required – Red for bloody, and yellow for intense. However, these color gels can also be combined to produce dramatic outcomes.

There’s also 3D printing that plays an important role in creating realistic special effects in the horror films. There is nothing creepier than seeing wild creatures on your horror film that appear so real to the extent you truly imagine how it would feel like encountering one. To start with, its flesh seems real, the blood has the right color, and the skin and hair’s texture make the creature appear to you authentically alive. Those are just 3D effects put into use to make your Halloween night horror movie scarier!