What Streaming Service Offers The Best TV Show Selections?

When it comes to watching your favorite television show, or looking to find a new favorite among the vast number of possible televisions shows out there, you want a streaming service that offers the most selection with the lowest price, but also the easiest way to navigate the site and to filter out television show genres, moods and time periods that are of no interest to you. Below are a few sites that offer the best selection of television shows.

Crackle is a free streaming service ( for television shows such as Just Shoot Me, the Iron Man animated cartoon series and Seinfeld. It does have a lot of commercials, but one has to realize that is probably a part of what makes it free to use without a subscription fee. The television titles are alphabetized, which makes it easy to find a television show to watch and you can even sort by the genre you are looking for.

Back in 2000, Blockbuster once had the opportunity ( to buy Netflix, but didn’t think it would be a good idea and passed it up. Now, Netflix has 50 million subscribers and is available in 40 countries. Netflix has unlimited streaming, no commercials, has original programming and has tons of titles to choose from. The algorithms that Netflix uses suggests television and movies based on what you like, what you watched and how long.

netflix tv

You want something like cable, but don’ want to pay for the high cost of cable? Not a problem because Sling Orange is there for you. ( Sling gives you the ability to customize your channel choices without long-term contracts and hidden fees. There is a monthly subscription, but you don’t get channels you are never going to use.

Whatever you are looking for, there are services available for any price range and taste in television shows. All it takes is a little searching and you could be watching your favorite TV show, or watching something new, within a few minutes.