What to do when your Flash Drive Stops Working

A flash drive is a portable storage device that is used to transfer data from one computer to another. It operates via a solid-state data storage that is completely opposite to magnetic disks. Therefore, a flash drive is more resilient to damage initiated by either bumps and drops. However, on various occasions, a flash may develop some issues. In other words, it may stop working. The files may corrupt, it may fail to show the saved files or even fail to detect. In such cases, there are techniques on how to access the data off or how to bring it back to an operating situation. The data recovery experts in Houston provided us with the following recommendations


Corrupted Files

The first step is to insert the flash drive into a USB port and press/ click start. Then click My Computer. On to the flash drive icon, right-click, and select, properties, then click Tools.

The second step is to click Check Now. Place the check in the two available boxes, that indicates that you want to fix the errors automatically fix errors

Lastly, after the error is up, click start. Try to transfer the data from the drive to your computer. The process may recover bad sectors, causing the data to be easily removed from the lash drive. It helps to prevent files which are transferred to the drive.

No Files can be seen

You begin by the start button, go to control panels and click on the “administrative tools icon. then double-click on “Computer Management” shortcut. On the second step, Click “Disk Management. This is found on the left side of the Computer Management window. It will show all the available drives. locate the flash drive, right-click on it, and select icon “Change Drive Letter and Paths.” Then go to the current drive letter and click Change button. Select a new letter from the and click enter. Lastly, try to access the drive through via “this PC or My Computer icon” by just double-clicking on it.


You cannot detect the drive

The first step is to download the HP Disk Storage Format Tool. Then open the self-extracting file and click “Next”. The installation programmer will open. Then go through the license agreement and agree to install the program with default settings, then click on the finish button. Finally, locate the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool” shortcut and locate. It is on the startup menu. Choose flash drive from the drop- menu and press Start. This will format the drive. The tools are known to detect and format and corrupted flash drives and then restores their functionality.